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Правила трекера на английском языке. Правила трекера на русском языке см. здесь.-Rules and Regulations-I. Generalities1.1. The rules regulate the user intercourse to keep a comfort and constructive way of communication.
1.2. The rules are undiscussable and essential for every user to check for. They are set down by the site authorities who can act on their own. The authorities have a right to ban any user for any period and not to explain the ban causes to stop pernicious or wicked actions.
1.3. Ignorance of the rules is not the reason to reprieve an offender.
1.4. ( is a free on-line private service not for public use. The site financing is its owner’s and donated means.
1.5. The site runs privately. That means the tracker availability can be not verified sometimes tough the site authorities do their best to make the tracker run with no glitch and, if any, to recover its functional capability. The site owner and the authorities (the site administrators and moderators) are not responsible for any losses as well as for the probable moral damage caused by either the tracker’s failure or its content’s temporary inaccessibility.
1.6. All the suggestions and constructive criticism to improve the site are welcome. If any, use 'Suggestions to Improve the Site'.
1.7. Please, contact the site administration about facing any errors or failures while using the resource. Thank you.-II. Logging In2.1. Logging-in is a necessity to use the resource.
2.2. Only an 18-plus-year-older is admitted to log in.
2.3. Logging-in means you agree with the Rules on default.
2.4. To log in a person has to state his/her current e-mail. The logging-in is on his/her own will and does not presuppose informing a third party.
2.5. Multiple logging-in of the same user is prohibited. That is an extremely serious violation of the Rules and results in the removal of all the rule-breaker’s accounts. Having logging-in problems, please, do not make an alternative account but tell the administration about that using the local feedback.
2.6. The same account for several users is prohibited.
2.7. Either sale, or resale, or farming, or leasing, or giving an account as a gift is prohibited, the account to be inactivated.
2.8. If an account is inactive for 180 days running without having been parked, it may be deleted automatically.
2.9. Any user engages not to disclose his/her registration data (the login and the passkey) which are sufficient to log in (to be recognized here). He/she is fully responsible for a transfer, loss, or collapse of the registration data, as well as for its aftereffects.-III. Personal Information3.1. The right to choose an appropriate nickname is only yours, none else’s. But your account may get inactivated without a notification if the nickname you chose
- is similar enough to or replicates any other active one that may deceive other users,
- violates proprieties or moral standards (e.g. it uses some offensive language, or is abusive in point of other users),
- contains some advertisement of any sites, goods, services, or trademarks,
- contains some historical proper names with an extremely bad reputation (e.g. Stalin, Hitler, bin Laden, etc).
3.2. The avatar
Maximum 110 x 110 pixels and not larger than 2 MB in size.
Please, do not use the graphical representation where
- there are obscene words or images,
- there are references to any resources of external origin,
- there are violent or cruel scenes,
- there are fascist symbols,
- there is too intensive blinking,
- there is reproduction of the site ranks or decorations,
- there is a replica of the Administrators’ or Moderators’ avatars.
Every prohibited avatar is deleted by the Administration. The owners of prohibited avatars loose the possibility to have another one.
3.3. The signature
Maximum 600 x 600 pixels for images or 700 signs for a text.
The following must not be in use in the signatures:
- dirty language,
- violence, threatening, or discrimination,
- provocative texts or images, no except for Nazi symbols,
- advertising or commercial texts or images,
- reproduction of the site ranks or decorations,
- references to any resources of external origin (except for the references to the user bar sites and the referral link in the chief administrator signature),
- too intensive blinking images (the blinking scale is subjective, at the discretion of the Administration).
The owners of prohibited signatures loose the possibility to have another one.-IV. The Forum Conduct4.1. All the forum users must not:
4.1.1. Conflict with, provoke, or insult other users irrespective of the way (explicitly or inexplicitly) either while the open forum discussions or using non-public local ways of communication (personal messages);
Damn or curse as to either artificial or natural persons. Everyone must communicate at the forum respectfully.
4.1.2. Use the dirty language. When you have to tell one something as it is, please, use proper ‘censored’ smileys gz cj or something like those instead of the dirty words.
4.1.3. Use a mannered language based on distorted words.
4.1.4. Over post or propagate off-topic views.
4.1.5. Make a forum thread with a name which is not informative enough, e.g. ‘Help’, ‘I’ve Got a Problem’, and so on.
4.1.6. Announce unrevealed programme cracks, serial numbers and so on.
4.1.7. Deploy the site for any obscene material where under-18-olders take part as well as scenes of any non-imitative domination.
4.1.8. Make advertisements or commercials.
4.1.9. Make a profit of the site.
4.1.10. Use the forum as a bulletin board for private messages addressed to a user specified.
4.1.11. Manifest homophobia, racial, national or religious enmity, promote terrorism, extremism, narcotic drugs, and other subjects which are inconsonant with proper moral standards.
4.1.12. Use a non-English, non-Russian, or non-Ukrainian language. The administrators and the moderators have a right to edit or remove the texts without a notification if they are in any other language.
4.1.13. TyPe aS JuSt sHOwn hErE. A text like this is to be removed with no hesitation because it is difficult to read.
4.1.14. The fonts in red is only for the forum administrators and moderators to make extremely important messages or warning.
4.1.15. The forum is the product of its partaker’s creative work. The forum administration is tending to keep all the information and the material collected. So the users cannot delete their own texts but they can edit them.
If a user would like his/her text to be deleted, he/she may ask either the administrators or the moderators to do that. If the thread looks OK without the text, or if the text is not a release, the request is complied.
If a user decided to quit the forum for any reasons, he/she must not insist on the deletion of all his/her texts from the forum because the deletion may damage the structure of the resource. The exceptions to the rule may be such confidential data as the addresses, private photographs, and other material related to the user’s privacy.
4.1.16. Openly discuss or complain about the actions of the Administrators or of the Moderators as well as cast doubts on their competence, or criticize the forum policy. If a user supposes a local Moderator to act wrong, he/she may tell the Moderator about that by e-mail or in a private message. If there is no response, or if the response seems inadequate, the user may forward all the correspondence to an Administrator. The Chief Administrator makes a conclusive decision on the problem. His decision cannot be under discussion.
4.1.17. Counteract the moderation (i.e. restore the texts, signatures, or avatars after the Administrators’ or the Moderators’ editing), remove the Administrators’ or the Moderators’ remarks.
4.1.18. Put up references to any resources of external origin, especially whereas there is a similar release at the site.
4.1.19. Divulge the knowledge of the privacies of the users registered at the site.
4.2. The way of local communication is based on the netiquette and the moral standards.
4.3. Any advertisement is prohibited including one for any Internet projects (with the exception of the advertisement previously approved by the Administration).-V. Message Threading5.1. Any thread heading must be informative enough to express its matter as clear as possible.
5.2. Before you start a new thread, be aware you start it in an appropriate forum as well as the matter has not been discussed yet.
5.3. Never duplicate your threads in several forums or put any texts which are equal in their information contents into several threads.
5.4. Mind the grammar in your texts not to compromise your reputation.-VI.Torrent Comment Rules6.1. There is a torrent comment option to either ask questions about the torrent features (if you need more information and cannot get it from the thread) or give some information related which may be quite interesting or important to know.
Click the ‘thanks’ button to show the releaser your respect and gratitude and never make a special message to show that. Otherwise the proper thread turns to be less comfortable to read or to search for something inside it.
6.2. Any favorable comments are welcome if they provide interesting or useful additional information as well as suitable humor.
6.3. No other language in the torrent comments but Standard English, Russian, or Ukrainian.
6.4. No flame, flood, or incitement to as well as trolling or other provocations.
6.5. No over-quoting. Please, quote only a relevant part of the message you comment. Use the spoiler tags for verbose (not pleonastic) quotations.
6.6. Use the spoiler tags for the pictures or videos which are large in size. See How to Arrange the Video
6.7. No negative comments without a proper argumentation relative to either a torrent-release, or a torrent-releaser, or any other discusser.
6.8. If you do not like some released material, do not download it. You can look for anything which can be up to you somewhere else without any unfavorable comments.
6.9. No comments without a proper argumentation about the malware (viruses, etc) in the torrent-releases not proven with the antivirus detecting screenshot (showing the threat information), or the similar log file excerpt, with neither name nor edition of the antivirus software as well as without the date of the antivirus signatures (of the antivirus base update).
It is most recommended to test the file at issue on-line using and provide the link to the results of the file scan in the comment.-VII. Personal Message ExchangeIf you receive unwanted local messages, inform the Administrator who can disable any personal message exchange of the person who is responsible for them. There is no ignored person list option yet.-VIII. Users’ MisbehaviourFlood is a pointless message or thread.
The following is supposed to be flood:
- similar messages in different sub forums or different sub forum threads,
- typing in capitals,
- texts which consists only of links with no user’s remarks,
- thread duplication.
There is a special sub forum called ’Flood’ where flood is allowed.
Moderators have a right to either delete a flood message (and reprove its author referring to the rule) or remove it or part of it to the local 'Flood'.
Off-top is a text (either in full or in part) beyond a proper topic.
It is supposed to be a netiquette violation as it violates the proper limit of the topic discussed, so it can result in the immensity of the matters in question and can make some users quit the thread that was led far from their interests. All that can transform the topic of a thread beyond recognition.
Off-top is not a violation in ‘Fight Club’ sub forum.
Moderators have a right to either reprove off-toppers referring them to the rule or use the off-top to start a new proper thread.
Flame is a war of words, an unexpectedly started heated discussion where users are making personal remarks and cannot stop doing that. That is the way of arguing where nobody can arrive at the truth. In the issue no part feels easy and no success can be achieved. Flame may be within any topic but it is flame anyway.
The following is supposed to be flame:
- a text that deliberately disparages the merit of, insults to, or humiliates the opponent (either distinctly or indistinctly),
- public complaints with personal remarks,
- provocations, trolling,
- any public criticism against the Administrators or the Moderators regardless of either relation to the topic discussed or the Moderators’ specific acts (when a user does not agree with something or noticed some failing, he/she can send a private message to the Administration),
- re-editing of the text message after a Moderator made remarks in or commented it.
The Moderators have a right to do the following:
- to remove a thread or a part of it into ‘Fight Club’ if there is a too hot discussion there,
- to warn the user in the thread of the sanctions which may be imposed if the flame continues (and to give the proper link to the rules),
- to clean the thread out from the flame,
- to close the thread down,
- to impose a one-day ban against posting and editing (a read-only mode) if the Moderator’s warning or request to stop the flame is ignored,
- to ban the user for 1-7 days if he/she ignores warnings regularly (and to explain why).
While a user is conflicting with an Administrator or a Moderator, the user has a right to turn to the Main Administrator who can settle the dispute. The Main Administrator’s decision is not a subject of discussion and is sent to the user by e-mail or as a personal message.
What to Do If You Got Treated Wrong or Abused (Rus)
Over-quoting is usage of redundant quotations. For a response it is sufficient to use only a part of the full text you would like to reply to.
The following is supposed to be over-quoting:
- too many quotations (more than 10),
- quoting video or pictures,
- quoting a long text in full,
- quoting a thread in full.
Moderators have a right to do the following:
- to reprove over-quoters referring them to the rule,
- to shorten the quotation,
- to delete the text if it has a quotation without a comment.
Spam is an advertising message.
The following is supposed to be spam:
- advertisements,
- invitations to external resources,
- links to external resources without the Administration’s permission,
- links to external resources in signatures (others than links to user-barred sites)
- links to any file hosting sites or external torrent trackers,
- photos or files which contain links to external resources,
- chain letters,
- invitations to pyramids,
- referrals (except for the one in the signature of the Main Administrator),
- personal electronic junk messages.
The following is exceptions to the rule:
- links to a personal web page in the profile of the site user,
- links to the official site of the release or to the author’s one in text bodies,
- links to user-barred sites in signatures,
- links to the rates by KinoPoisk or IMDB,
- links to external news making resources (to news portals the local articles were imported from),
- a banner without a clickable link (if that site owns the original release),
- unclickable banners or names of external news making resources,
- links to users’ profiles at a social networking service where is registered as well as the links to official communities of the site users at a service like that (e.g. VK, Facebook, Twitter, Liveinternet),
- links to signature-gathering sites like and (in the Bulletin Board sub forum under the agreement of the Adminitrators).
No clear inspiration to visit the resources, though (except for the last item of the list of exceptions).
Moderators have a right to do the following:
- to edit the text where there is spam,
- to delete such a text,
- to warn spammers of the ban against posting and editing (a read-only mode) referring them to the rule,
- to ban spammers if they ignore the warning.
Dirty words are obscene ones that may be or not be offensive to an individual.
No dirty words in your texts, please.
Those words are allowed in pictures and some smileys like oj ok hr cj gz hb if they are not offensive to an individual. Please, use the spoiler tags for pictures mentioned above, anyway, and remember warning the readers of obscene words inside the spoiler tags. Thanks.
Moderators have a right to do the following:
- to edit the text where there are dirty words,
- to warn dirty-word users of the ban against posting and editing (a read-only mode) referring them to the rule,
- to ban dirty-word users against posting and editing (a read-only mode) if they ignore the warning,
- to put a user under a permanent ban if dirty words are addressed to the Administrators or Moderators of the site.
Multiple logging-in of the same user (or bots) means more than one functional accounts a user would like to log in at the site. Those are subjects to deletion.
A conformance exception is multiple logging-in by a special permission of the Administrator provided that he was preliminarily informed of a valid reason for having an additional account (e.g. a family member’s). The permission is either public or brought to the Administrators and Moderators’ notices in any other way.
User clones are user accounts with nicknames or avatars which apparently resemble other operable ones.
The person who made a user clone through ignorance and found that out should apply to the Administrator by letter for a modification (in the letter there should be a new nickname the user would like to have).
The person who found out an account apparently resembling his/her own one can apply to the Administrator for taking measures.
Moderators have a right to do the following:
- to advise the Administrator of the matter,
- to reprove clone makers by letter referring them to the rule and to tell them to apply to the Administrator for a modification,
- to insist on the avatar to be changed by the clone maker,
- to ban clone makers sine die if they ignore the warning and to explain why.
Administrators have a right to do the following:
- to reprove clone makers by letter referring them to the rule and to order to change either the nickname or the avatar,
- to give the clone makers no option of using avatars,
- to ban clone makers sine die if they ignore the warning and refuse to change either the nickname or the avatar and to explain why.
Cheating means unfair rating up, intentional falsification of the seeded amount by means of modified clients and/or special cheat programs to raise the user’s rate and to be able to download more from the resource.
Cheating entails a permanent ban.
What to Do When You Have Been Banned While You Are No Cheater (Rus)
Disclosure of any private information. No user may publish any private information of a person without his/her knowledge and sanction to. That depends on neither the information source nor the person the information is of. No disclosure of any personal correspondence without a prior or posterior permission of the other part to public in full or in part is allowed, either.
Destructive acts are supposed to be the following:
- attaching files that contain a malicious code (i.e. viruses, Trojan Horses, sniffers, or other malware),
- cracking the passwords of users or the Moderators,
- acts to the detriment of the site’s reputation in the Internet community (i.e. negative publicity, false accusations, or other acts which can disgrace the site’s Administration or users),
- other acts (including low-level activity or program-level ones) to the detriment of the resource or of its users.
Any destructive act entails a permanent ban.
Users’ acts which offend against the laws of Russia (e.g. stimulation of ethnic or religious animosity, calumny, menace, calls to violence, etc).
When a user offends the laws of Russia, the Administration reserves the right to disclose the private information of the user to both the other users and the public and local authorities as long as that does not contravene the existing legislation.-IX. RestrictionsEvery releaser (i.e. every person who uploads a file for free public downloading) has to verify the quality of the content uploaded (e.g. examine the content for soundtrack problems, not unprotected or invalid programs, etc).
Every user (both seeders and peers) must not do the following:
7.1. make a release that duplicates an existing one on the site, i.e. which is of the same content and quality.
7.2. do unauthorized re-uploading of a torrent file in a closed release if the reasons of being close are still actual or unrepaired. Or delete a torrent file, either, after it was checked and registered.
7.3. make a release that contains any documentary scenes or subjects against the common moral standards, or various databases which are not free legally accessible, etc.
7.4. shut the uploading channel off. You should keep the ratio of uploaded amount to downloaded one at the level of more than 0.3. After downloading, please, stay as a seeder (keep uploading) as long as there are at least 3 or 4 other seeders of the release. Neither obstruction of interchange with files, nor garbling of statistical data exchange between users (cheating) by means of hardware, software, or any other technique is allowed. Otherwise, your account may be disabled without any notifications.
7.5. use any download manager programs or torrent clients that are unallowable (forbidden by the Administration) the list of which is here.
The decision on compliance of any release with these requirements is taken by the Administrators and/or the Moderators who are authorized to edit, remove, close, or delete releases.-X. Users’ BlameViolation of the rules may result in the following:
A reprimand (an unregistered warning). Moderators can reprimand (warn) a user for minor infractions by a special notice in the user’s post. Several unregistered warnings can be followed by a registered one (that depends on the Moderators’ will).
A registered warning. Users get it when they deviate from the rules or sub forum agreements if the articles of which have a special direction to. There is a special register for the warning of that kind. Every registered warning deprives a user of 10 per cent of his/her ratio.
A temporary transfer to the read-only mode. It disables a user from making and editing posts and may be applied by the Administrators or the Moderators to those who regularly violate the rules.
A temporary ban. It disables a user from making, editing, and reading posts and can last from 1 day to 1 year or longer. The Administrators or the Moderators have a right to ban a user for a violation of the rules and must specify the link to the post where the violation is and the post number (and the proper point of local sub forum agreements).
The Administrators reserve the right to ban a user instantaneously sine die for a single gross violation of the rules. The Administrators’ acts are not a subject of protest.
A permanent (endless) ban. It means a user is banned forever with no right on rehabilitation.
An account deletion. That is an extreme measure mostly taken when there is multiple logging-in. Only the Administrators can delete a user account. A deleted account is not subject to be rehabilitated.-XI. User-to-Administration RelationsAdministrators and Moderators act according to common sense and the internal regulations. It is prohibited to discuss any of their acts in any sub forums or threads except for the specialized unit which is meant to discuss any aspects of the portal or the whole site work.
Moderators see to keeping of the rules and regulations, develop the resource according to the conception of the project, and provide technical assistance to the users when there are troubles while using the resource. Moderators can
- edit, hide, or delete a user’s post at their own discretion,
- impose sanctions (reprimands, warnings, pre-moderation, or user account bans) when a user departs from a specific clause of the rules,
- remove a thread into a proper place.
Moderators may be transferred back to the verified user rank if they have not been moderating the site for 1 month or longer.
Administrators are always right. They are the only and higher authority that can settle any conflicts concerning the resource or its users. Thereby the Administrators’ decisions are final and not appealable.
It is prohibited to discuss any of their acts in any sub forums or threads except for the specialized unit which is meant to discuss any aspects of the portal or the whole site work.
Administrators can do everything the Moderators can. In addition to that they reserve the right to edit or delete users’ posts when they do not meet the essentials or are beyond the subject area of the forum, and to ban those users who violate the existing rules and regulations. Administrators have a right to modify any unit of the site at their own discretion, change a penalty a Moderator imposed (with an obligatory notification to the proper Moderator imposed it).
Moreover, the Administration reserves the right to edit these rules and regulations. Whenever they are edited, any change is specially announced of in Tracker News or Advertisement.
Any information published represents the opinions or judgments of its authors and not of the forum Administration. The Administration is not responsible for that.
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