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If you want to support this site, you can give it financial help.

All money goes for project development, updating of our server and the equipment therefore we are glad to any your donations...

In the presence of purses in one of the payment systems provided below, you can send any sum which you will count necessary, into the specified accounts.

Keep in mind that at money transfer from one payment purse in another and as when using the translations in various payment systems, the commission is raised from you in a size established by rules of this payment system.

A money transfer is made only on a voluntary basis and the transferred money isn`t subject to return, an exchange, and also transfer to the third parties.

Please, be attentive at the indication of the account of the recipient.

Right after transfer of means to one of the specified purses, report about it tracker administrations, using a form of the CONTACTS, having specified in the letter the nickname and registration E-mail.

Possible ways of money transfer:

With this form you can support our site by Bitcoin — electronic payment system based on P2P-based technologies.

You can earn bitcoins by mining, but much easier and faster you can buy them, for example in the payment system WebMoney or BTC-E.

You can find yourself online wallet online Blockchain. To transfer bitcoins without intermediaries, need a program-purse, for example Electrum, MultiBit or Bitcoin Wallet for Android..

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How to transfer WebMoney you can look at this

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